The genesis of Entrust Senior Living originated when a group of leaders from different business sectors found themselves witnessing their parents aging and eventual need for senior living services. The business leaders soon discovered that each had trepidations on how best to assist their aging family members and shared their concerns with each other. Motivated by an opportunity to improve on what they were experiencing and with a desire to invest and grow in an industry that was not only service oriented but also potentially life changing for those living in senior communities, the leaders combined and formed Entrust Senior Living.

The owners of Entrust Senior Living realized there was an opportunity to form a company dedicated to creating a culture of value-based management. Establishing this culture required implementing systems focused on improved care outcomes. In this value-based management system, care outcomes or values are measured and consistently monitored to insure patient satisfaction. By developing quality programming and clinical best practices, increased and improved values can be attained.

Once a quality care program was established, the owners of Entrust soon began the process of looking for areas where their business ethics and acumen combined with their desire to serve the elderly community could be realized. Started in California, Entrust Senior Living moved into Nevada, South Dakota and Texas. It became immediately apparent that this group had found the right combination of leadership, philosophy and care. The result is expressed in the faces of the residents, families, and associates of Entrust Senior Living.

The concept of the residents, families and associates coming together to care for each other is conveyed in the Entrust Senior Living logo. We invite you to learn more about Entrust Senior Living by calling Tammy Fortune at (714) 403-4946.


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